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Spikey Van Dykey

The ART of Illusion

You've seen him on stages all over the country, on Elle Magazine's About Face, Buzzfeed, The Huffington Post, Rebel Circus, and Transfashionable.
Here you will find the latest show dates, products, news, pictures, videos and all other information for the US's leading Drag King.


Watch Drag King Spikey Van Dykey's AMAZING Transformation | ELLE

The World Is My Stage

Who is Spikey van Dykey? If you let Jamie Kalman tell it, Spikey is a gender-bending performer, who feels most at home on the stage. Watch Spikey's amazing transformation here.


Find your latest Drag King, Queen, and Gender Bending gear here! Glitter Beards, Chest plates, stylish accessories, fake nipples, customized costumes, bow ties, and more! Visit Spikey Van Dykey's Drag Closet!!! Customized costumes for Cosplay, male performers, Boylesque, Queerlesque, Kings, and Queens!



“Take that moment of courage, for just one day, to be the things you never thought you would be. In that moment, you’ll make the stage your home that you’ve always searched for in your dreams.”

Spikey Van Dykey


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